The Heroic Path Book Review


By Pablo Giacopelli

The Heroic Path by David Kortje

I begin this book review by making a confession. The Heroic Path is a book that I have known about way before it ever saw the light of day as the same publisher that I used to breath life into Holding On Loosely has published it. The anticipation in me was therefore built over time and I am glad that I finally got to read this masterpiece, as it didn’t disappoint.

The Heroic Path is a book that invites most of us, especially those who are in the Church, into a place that we are afraid of and avoid like a plague yet so many of us experience. The place I am speaking about is Failure. Through this book Kortje demonstrates that failure does not have to be the end of our lives but instead it can be the richest learning ground we ever travel through. As you read the pages of this book something shifts within you as you begin to see that the shame and guilt that attached itself to your failings is totally unnecessary and it is in fact robbing you of a great opportunity that it has simply come dressed in overalls and looks like hard work.

Like all of us I have had some huge mountain size failings in my life. Yet, as I read the pages of this book these failings once again were positioned in the light and place where they belong and that is as a lesson to be learned that I may not only succeed next time it comes around but better yet I will be able to share with others that they may have a chance to know the truth. Failure is part of every successful journey and as such it must be embraced in the same way as we embrace winning. Kortje shares this in a very skillful way that doesn’t necessarily come from writing several books but instead from a heart that has experienced failure, survived by the grace of God, and has been made aware and open enough to learn from its mistakes.

The Heroic Path is a book everyone needs to read. Whether you are a Leader, Pastor, believer, congregation member, Doctor, CEO, athlete, or just a ragamuffin like me. It will help you to clarify that in this life if we are ever going to be OK, is when we learn that it is OK when things are not OK around us as we are simply learning to understand that when we FAIL we are in a perfect position to Find Answers In Life

I warmly recommend the Heroic Path to you!



Tel Aviv 2012

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  • R. Alan Woods

    “The head and the heart are not separate, but rather like intimate friends who work together sharing their experiences which enrich our lives and those of others” ~ R. Alan Woods

    Good review, Pablo. “keep practicing…:)”

    Rod Woods

    • Pablo

      Thank you Rod.

  • D Richardson

    Looks like a great read. Thanks Pablo

    • Pablo

      It really is Dave. I am sure you will enjoy it…